KidneyCure was established in 2012 to fund research by new investigators and enables fellows to participate in kidney research projects.

Support young investigators who are changing kidney care by making a donation to fund research that will help improve treatments and find cures.

KidneyCure funds clinical and basic research, and provides grant support to members at various points in their careers.


To Prevent and Cure Kidney Diseases

Through Research and Innovation

Established in 2012, KidneyCure, the ASN Foundation, funds the Ben J. Lipps Research Fellowship Program, the Transition to Independence Grants Program, the William and Sandra Bennett Clinical Scholars Program, the American Society of Nephrology-Harold Amos Medical Faculty Development Program, and the ASN Pre-Doctoral Fellowship Award Program.

Who We Fund

New Investigators

Advancing the independent careers of young investigators in biomedical research, grants of up to $100,000 a year for two years are awarded to applicants within ten years of their initial faculty appointment.

Fellows and PhD Students

KidneyCure enables fellows and PhD students with analytical interests in basic or clinical research to spend time engaged in work on a kidney research project.

Clinical Scholars

Funded annually, the program provides funding to nephrology educators to conduct projects to advance all facets of nephrology education and teaching.

Ben J. Lipps Research Fellowships
Transition to Independence Grants
William and Sandra Bennett Clinical Scholars Grants
ASN Pre-Doctoral Fellowships Provided

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Upcoming Grant Deadlines

06 Dec

William and Sandra Bennett Clinical Scholars Program

Closed December 6 at 2:00 PM ET APPLICATION CLOSED
06 Dec

Transition to Independence Grants

Closed December 6 at 5:00 PM ET APPLICATION CLOSED
07 Dec

Ben J. Lipps Research Fellowship Program

Closed December 7 at 9:00 AM ET APPLICATION CLOSED


  • Ultimately, I plan to specialize in molecular genetics of kidney disease.

    2023 Pre-Doctoral Fellowship Award
  • I hope my research will contribute to discoveries that will lead to novel therapies for treatment of water-balance disorders and kidney diseases.

    2023 Jared J. Grantham Research Fellowship Award
  • In the future I intend to integrate my bench results into a translational model relevant to the care of patients.

    2023 Carl W. Gottschalk Research Scholar Grant
  • My research is focused on redefining the role of uric acid homeostasis in the cardiorenal continuum.

    2023 Dimitrios G. Oreopoulus Research Fellowship Award
  • This fellowship grant not only serves as a funding mechanism but also as a recognition by the scientific community of my potential to become a successful surgery-scientist.

    2023 George B. Rathmann Research Fellowship Award