Lynee Galley

Grants Review Committee

Lynee Galley is the Director of Research, Discovery, and Innovation at the American Society of Nephrology's Alliance for Kidney Health (ASN). The department aims to sustain the growth of innovations for people with kidney diseases, building on two public private partnerships with the US Government. The Kidney Health Initiative is a partnership with the US Food and Drug Administration and over 120 member organizations that creates regulatory science solutions as a pre-competitive consortium, and KidneyX is a partnership with US Department of Health and Human Services that incentivizes entrepreneurs. Prior to ASN, Lynee supported global health system strengthening and infectious diseases initiatives as Assistant Director for the American Society for Microbiology Global Public Health Programs in Washington, DC. She also conducted vaccine clinical trials for the US Military HIV Research Program and earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology and Immunology from the University of Rochester.