Jeffrey H. Miner, PhD, FASN

KidneyCure Board of Directors


Jeffrey H. Miner, Ph.D., FASN is the Eduardo and Judith Slatopolsky Professor of Medicine in Nephrology and the Director of Basic Research in the Division of Nephrology at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

Dr. Miner is an international leader in basement membrane biology and how basement membranes are involved in kidney function and disease. He is an expert in research on Alport Syndrome. His laboratory is focused on understanding why the kidney fails in Alport Syndrome and how to slow or stop kidney disease progression using CRISPR-based approaches and testing of drugs as potential therapeutics. His research combines the use of mouse models of the disease with state-of-the-art imaging methodologies. Dr. Miner is part of a team of scientific researchers-an inaugural Scientific Advisory Research Network-assembled by the Alport Syndrome Foundation to devise strategies to advance research into all aspects of the disease.

Dr. Miner completed his doctorate at the California Institute of Technology and pursued postdoctoral training at Washington University School of Medicine. His research interests include glomerular basement membrane, extracellular matrix, Alport syndrome, Pierson syndrome, laminin, collagen IV, podocytes, nephrotic syndrome, and fibrosis. A member of the Journal of Clinical Investigation, Matrix Biology, and Kidney International editorial boards, he has published over 200 research papers.